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Years ago, after going through a tough stage in my life, I decided to start doing massages. I remember that every day I got up at 5:30 AM to go to the gym and then have breakfast, while I answered messages to my clients and made appointments. At 9:00 a.m. I began to serve people or I would go somewhere in the city to make an address. As a masseur I met a lot of people; businessmen, lawyers, doctors, publicists, engineers, politicians, soccer players, influencers, among others. What I enjoyed most was listening to them. From all of them I concluded something that would be useful for me on a day-to-day basis. There were many important people who influenced my way of thinking and seeing life. They all had something in common: they were disciplined, persevering, adventurous, and in love with life. They were some boars. I admired them. When I shared about my life with them, they encouraged me by telling me that I had to grow more.

The pandemic arrived and my days were filled with fear, anguish and uncertainty. In the stillness, I remembered that a Mexican client one day told me to write erotic stories for my audience and I thought how good I was for writing when I was in high school. So I took out my writing skills and started creating texts, where Aileen, the protagonist of my stories, stole the show. I published a story in the WhatsApp work status and it was a complete success, I received many positive comments. So I was encouraged to post it on my personal WhatsApp and there were multiple reactions. I was very excited and posted it on Instagram and Facebook.

This is how several people began to arrive at my profiles and I continued writing. People were very curious and wanted to know what I was doing. But I still did not dare to make it public. Many people close to me did not know what my work was. And to be honest I was a little scared of his opinion. Days later, I exchanged words on Instagram with the sexologist, writer, and lecturer Ezequiel López Peralta. Whom I admire and have a lot to thank. He then proposed to me that we do a LIVE, about Erotic Massages. My heart was beating strong and my soul wanted, but fear was also my enemy. I thought about it, I consulted with a friend and the conclusion was to accept her proposal and do it. Many people were in this LIVE. I got a lot of followers for my Instagram and of course, clients. Here I talked about my life, massages, experiences and stories.

They say out there that what you want is on the other side of fear and what a great truth. Seeing the growth it was having, I got a larger location and began to hire women who wanted to develop this work. If you wonder how I started, it was a path full of thorns and roses. I had no experience running a business, no managing staff, no character, no knowledge of how to start, but what I did have was desire. That was enough to conquer the audience we have today.

The idea took shape over time and on January 17, 2021, the idea of creating a quiet and welcoming space materialized, designed for those gentlemen who live in the city and who visit it daily. A place where men could relax and enjoy their sexuality, teaching other alternatives to give pleasure to their bodies. Today we have become a benchmark in the market, with an excellent staff, willing to deliver the best so that those who leave there want to return again and again.


We are breaking paradigms regarding the world of erotic massage, guaranteeing different and unforgettable experiences in our corner of dreams and pleasures, innovating every year with differential services and spaces, high quality products and a multidynamic team that achieves increasingly loyal and happy clients.


Differentiating ourselves from the competition and positioning ourselves as number 1 in the art of erotic massage as a therapeutic discipline that breaks paradigms and taboos in the country, is our greatest challenge for 2025; In this way we will be able to captivate men and couples, generating more employment and stability for those who are interested in this unique and special art; Additionally, we will become a reference in social networks through content and academia in this union.

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